edgar sarin

The Miraculous Cocoon - Le Cocon Miraculeux





The Miraculous Cocoon, a brand new project of the French artist Edgar Sarin, attempts to again redefine the very essence of art through the further evolution of the speculative themes present throughout his work. Sarin has been working on the elaboration of numerous perfect crimes for a few years now. Based on his engineering skills, the plans are drawings, texts and time tables; genuine specifications. Sarin believes these plans, all murders, to be so perfect that if one ever reads them they will kill. In order to rid himself of this burden, Sarin has created six Cocoons, each concealing the plans of a perfect murder. Tortured by the development of the murders and the idea of crime itself, Sarin proposes to reveal the terms of seven of them over the course of six days, leaving to the viewer the possibility of a murder and a terrible and inevitable temptation. Each day a single cocoon will be presented, with all seven being shown on the final day.

Fulfilled unconsciously by the viewer through their own imagination and background, the Miraculous Cocoons are much like a window between the artist and his audience. In line with the long relationship maintained between art and crime, Sarin questions the often ambiguous relationship of the artist and his audience. How much responsibility does he bear for the consequences contained in his works? Is he truly guilty of the influence and scope of his message? Is it legitimate to offload this heavy burden without taking the risk of pushing one to commit the worst crimes, even though the plans are meant to remain hidden from any other human mind? Revisiting the historical myth of the perfect crime, Sarin sets a new dialect between the art work and the viewer as a part of the process of the piece itself.



Day one - The Unction

Day Two - The Coronation

Day Three - The Half Magnificence

Day Four - The Immediate Burden

Day Five - The Inaugural Incandescence

Day Six - The Embrace



The Miraculous Cocoon

November 18th - 23rd 2014

L'Inlassable Galerie

123 West 3rd Street 

NY 10012 New York